Monday, May 27, 2013

Something Fishy

Does something smell fishy?

I guess I'm like a lot of you who are getting the beach itch.  It's just the end of May and I can hardly wait until we go to the beach.  It's one of my favorite times of the year.  Scouting the island for beach goodies...walking the beach at sunset...soaking up some rays.

Because the beach is occupying so much of my mind, I decided to create a fun and whimsical tablescape for our Friday night dinner.  I set my small metal table up in a grassy spot in the garden.  The sunlight peeping through the trees was very nice.
These cute little fish plates I found at Miracle Hill as well as the large fish used for the flowers.   My Spirea is blooming right now and has these lovely purple/pink flowers.  Thought they would match the fat fish just fine.

Don't the flowers look a little like fireworks up close?  And I love the lemon/lime colored leaves of this plant.

Small plastic ice cube fruits that I froze for the glasses add a pop of color to the water.  I love the detail on the little fish...his scales and cute little face, and the peach colored shell napkin rings around the yellow napkins match the peach color in the fishes face.

I got lucky with this ever-so-cute fish bowl.  The details in the whole thing are great and it matches my fish plates perfectly.  I happened to find this last one at Old Time Pottery.  What luck.

What's on the menu?  Well, hotdogs of course.  I bet you thought we'd have some sort of fish, but hotdogs are fun and easy just like the beach.  I make a zucchini relish and we used this on our dogs.
I hope you have a fun-fish-filled Monday.