Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dinner on the Deck

It's been so warm here the past week, we've decided to have dinner on the deck. 

We change from the front porch, the dining room, the deck and random places to have dinner at least once a week.  This leaves my husband and kids guessing where we are going to be 

I love all the light color green everywhere, so I am keeping this tablescape green.

We have a two level deck and hopefully soon we'll turn the upper deck into a screened-in porch.  Until then, I have a white gazebo and have put up mosquito netting and corner curtains.

I love how the sun shines through this sheer curtain.

I decided to use Mr. man on this table since he has a green hue.   Is that a smirk on his face?   I think he's enjoying being outdoors for a change.

I made the arrangement inside the kitchen before I put it on the deck, so I was able to get better close-up photos.

My little kitty, darling Darlin,  is checking out the table.  She always loves to check out my tablescapes.   She never wants her picture taken, but always jumps in when I'm shooting the tables.  What's up with that?

I liked the large peach picking basket I saved from last years harvest, so I used it on this table to add a little volume and a country feel.

This little hanging planter is right beside the table on the deck.  Can't wait to see the flowers growing and full.  The little cherub,  which I found at the flea marketis super heavy so I think he's iron.

This gives you an idea of the two level deck with the tent.  Wouldn't the upper deck be pretty screened-in? 

We had a delicious dessert.  I made an upside down cake, but instead of using pineapple, I used chopped almonds and peaches.  It was nice parred with the slightly sweet white wine.

Thanks for visiting my deck tablescape.  I hope you have a fantastic Monday and see you Wednesday.

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