Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Petals - Friday Finds

Ahh...Soft rose petals and sweet fragrance.  That's what most of us think of when roses are mentioned.  Take a good look at these.  Notice anything different?
Yes, these petals are as soft as baby's skin and so sweet to smell but they are actually soap petals.  I love them.  You can peel away one petal for a hand wash or use the entire rose bud  in a relaxing bath...aren't they so pretty?'ll never believe where I purchased these.    At The Dollar Tree.  Yes, I said it...The Dollar Tree.  Here's what the package looks like.
They come in a package with nine rose buds and you can get them in cream, like mine, soft pink, or soft blue.  One package is perfect for a small dish.  They do need to be put close together so the roses don't "bloom".  

I have been using them a lot and think they're just as sweet as can be.  Sometimes we get lucky and find just the perfect little thing for just a dollar.  

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