Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Old Rusty Green Table

I love old things, don't you?  There is something in their color, their feel, and perhaps their aura that makes them interesting.   They draw me in and make me think of the past.

Sometimes I want to change them...bring them up to date, but sometimes the beauty lies in the untouched, the unchanged.  That's the case with this small rusty green table.


I needed a small table out at the barn to put beside one of my occasional chairs.  My mom had this in her garden house.  She wasn't using it, so she graciously let me see what I could do with it.

After tightening the legs, I sanded all the loose paint off and sealed with a satin polyurethane to help keep it from continuing to rust. 

This is where the fun began.  I decided to make a loosely pleated burlap skirt for it, so the table would have some "chunk."  I started by measuring the circumference of the top and multiplied this times 4.  This would give me enough fabric for the pleats.  I used the finished edge of the burlap at the bottom so I wouldn't have to hem it.  I hot glued this around the top edge of the table.  This would hold it tightly but if I ever wanted to remove it, I could do so with no problem.

I already had a neat rafia-type fringe to use to finish off the top edge, and I love how the table turned out.  What do you think?  Would you have done it differently?  My hubby would have liked for me to leave the legs showing.... I like the frilly skirt.

The little chair was my granddaddy's.  He kept this beside his bed as long as I can remember, to sit in to put on his shoes and socks.  I love this little chair.  It has a rustic quality.
I would love to hear your ideas about the table.  Leave me a comment and give me some ideas as to what you would do.  Have a great "hump day" and I hope to see you Friday.

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