Saturday, May 18, 2013

Arranging Saturday - Suitcases not just for Clothes

Arranging Saturdays - Suitcases

I can't believe it's already Saturday.  What a beautiful week we have had...sunny, warm temps, and a chance to pick a few more flowers to do arrangements with.

I love to collect old suitcases and I have a few on top of my bookcases in our den.  At Christmas, I put evergreens in these and let them spill out over the edge.  So, I got an idea to do the same with flowers.  This time I used a small wooden box on top of the suitcases.

I chose to use the beautiful, crisp, white azaleas.  They are in full bloom right now in our front yard and are so pretty.  

I filled a small plastic tub with water to sit inside the opened box and wadded up a bunch a wire to use as my flower frog to hold the flowers in place and to keep them from tumbling out.
Make sure if you use wire like this to make it a little larger than the container so it can fit tightly and not pull out with the weight of the flowers.  Also use a heavy gauge wire.

I think the white flowers against the white walls are subtle and draw your eye up to the top of the bookcases.
I may have to try and keep fresh flowers up there more often.  This sits directly across the room from my reading chair and gives me a pretty view.

I hope you have an inspired weekend, a relaxing Sunday, and hope to see you on Monday. 

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