Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Unique Flatware

It's so hard sometimes to find just the right style of flatware to use for a particular table setting.  Especially if you need a certain color.

While looking at some of my favorite blogs, I saw at The Painted Apron that Jenna had made her own "fancy flatware" for her seaside table.  Not only was her flatware divine, but her table was beautiful.  I decided I wanted to give this a try for myself.  

I used some old mix-matched flatware I had that was flat enough to glue on.

I decided to use small pebbles since a table setting I have in mind contains these colors.  I purchased a small bag of pebbles from the Dollar Tree and E6000 glue from Hobby Lobby and I was set to go.

I glued the pebbles onto the handles of the flatware and gave them 24 hours to dry.  This glue really holds them secure.  I should have purchased clear glue instead of white, but you can't see it when I was finished with them.

Jenna used a soft, 24 gauge wire on her flatware, but I decided to use raffia to keep with the natural theme.  I didn't glue the raffia...I just wrapped it around each stone and then crossed over each one.  I used 4 stones on the knives, 3 on the forks and 2 on the spoons.

The raffia tied very secure and these are easy to use.  Can't wait to show you the tablescape I made these for.
 Have a fantastic, wonderful weekend and I hope to see you Monday for my 4th of July party.