Friday, June 7, 2013

Mushroom Inspiration

I was out walking in the pasture one day this week and noticed something under the beautiful Deodor Cedar tree that caught my eye.  When I got up to the tree this is what I saw.

They stood so grand in the shadows.  They took me to a place of make believe.....fairies and elves, woodland creatures and soft cool places.  I don't know what it is about mushrooms that conjure up these images for me.  Maybe it's because of where they grow, maybe because they are so interesting looking.  Maybe it's because I just finished watching The Hobbit with my
Not only did these beautiful little mushrooms (well, actually quite large mushrooms), cause me to daydream, they inspired a new arrangement idea.  I love how nature inspires and connects me with interesting ideas.

So, this is what I did.  I purchased a package of Sculpey clay from Hobby Lobby and made two mushrooms to use in my arrangement.  I shaped the clay and baked per the directions on the package.  I then washed them in watered-down acrylic paint.

This is where you can be creative. After letting the paint wash over the clay I added white polka dots with the end of my paintbrush. 

Next, I dug up some beautiful moss from under a tree. You can keep this moss in your arrangement for about a week.  Just mist daily with water...then put right back under the tree where it came from.

Here's the arrangement.  I found a quiet, little spot on a small secretary beside a reading chair.  I used a clear bowl so I could see and enjoy the moss.

I hope you have a very nice weekend.  Get out there, take a walk, and get inspired.