Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Unique Flatware

It's so hard sometimes to find just the right style of flatware to use for a particular table setting.  Especially if you need a certain color.

While looking at some of my favorite blogs, I saw at The Painted Apron that Jenna had made her own "fancy flatware" for her seaside table.  Not only was her flatware divine, but her table was beautiful.  I decided I wanted to give this a try for myself.  

I used some old mix-matched flatware I had that was flat enough to glue on.

I decided to use small pebbles since a table setting I have in mind contains these colors.  I purchased a small bag of pebbles from the Dollar Tree and E6000 glue from Hobby Lobby and I was set to go.

I glued the pebbles onto the handles of the flatware and gave them 24 hours to dry.  This glue really holds them secure.  I should have purchased clear glue instead of white, but you can't see it when I was finished with them.

Jenna used a soft, 24 gauge wire on her flatware, but I decided to use raffia to keep with the natural theme.  I didn't glue the raffia...I just wrapped it around each stone and then crossed over each one.  I used 4 stones on the knives, 3 on the forks and 2 on the spoons.

The raffia tied very secure and these are easy to use.  Can't wait to show you the tablescape I made these for.
 Have a fantastic, wonderful weekend and I hope to see you Monday for my 4th of July party.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Temporary Deck Bar

I love flea market days, don't you?  You get up early, put on your least favorite clothes, ball cap, a pocket full of ones and fives, and stop at McDonald's for a biscuit on the way. 

I don't get to go often but when I do, I love it.  At the one I went to lately, they always have people singing and picking.....this is a highlight, especially when you've been walking around for a while and need a Pepsi break.  It's a small, local flea market so you can still find neat things, like this old soda dolly.

This was my find for the day.  When I saw it, a cute bar to serve wine and drinks on my deck came to mind.  I'm not quite sure how I will end up finishing it, but I couldn't wait until the idea came to me.  I wanted to use it one night on the deck to serve wine.  So....I quickly used a few things I had and made a temporary one.

I had an old black tray and a metal door mat that I used for the shelves. The metal door mat stuck out the side and was perfect to hold the wine glasses in a small metal basket.

I also found a very heavy, rusty colander that I filled with some old bottles.

I love the light hitting the bottles, and all things rusty.

Even though I wasn't ready to transform this old dolly into a "neat" bar for my deck, I was able to use it now...waiting for an idea to pop into my head of what to do with it .

I picked the flowers in my mother's pasture.  They were Queen Anne Lace and Mountain Ash.  I wanted something a little rustic to use in this pitcher.

I hope you have a beautiful hump day and to see you on Friday. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunny & Yellow

Bright & light...that's what the color yellow says to me.  Sunshine and buttercups, baby chicks and summer squash.  I love the color yellow and that's why my table this Friday night was all about yellow.

Many years ago I made this tablecloth and napkin set using a lemon cut in half, dried the halves and brushed with yellow and green fabric paint to simulate lemons and limes.  I went all the way around the edge of the cloth and napkins.  It has held up beautifully. 

I also love using deep blue with yellow.  I found this canister for my centerpiece at Miracle Hill.  It was a bargain since it didn't have a lid and it gave me the starting point for my table.

On the menu was a  lemon-butter pasta with broccoli and blackened Salmon filets, so yellow was the right color for this evening.

I love, love, love blue and yellow together and since my flower vase was blue I used a hand painted bowl and teapot on the table as well.

The cute ice tea glasses came from the Dollar Tree. I think the lemon slices have such depth.  Love me a good find at the Dollar Tree.

The light in my dining room casts neat shadows on the entire ceiling.  Love gazing up.....

I hope you will have a bright and sunny week and am glad we have another one to  share.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fresh Clothes

I have always loved the smell and feel of clothes dried on the line.  The breeze seems to impart a deep down freshness that you can't get any where else.  Most of my life I have had a clothesline of some sort, and there are so many different types to choose from for every yard or lack thereof.

Whenever I wash our sheets or blankets I hang them on the line to dry.  No electricity involved and the crispness feels so clean.
We dry clean a lot of our clothes, but in between wearings, I hang them to "air-out."  It's wonderful, like getting a free dry cleaning.  

I am fortunate enough to have enough space to have a line, but there are many options for small yards, decks, etc., if you don't have a lot of space.

You can even have a retractable one.  Clothesline shop has a very large selection to choose from and to get ideas from.  

I also use my line to hang quilts on whenever we are having a cookout or outside party.  It's a neat way to decorate and add a little country touch.

There is something homey and soothing about a clothesline that imparts a feeling of history.  It also causes you to stop a moment and breath.

Here's a shot looking out my laundry room window.

Spring, Summer, breezes and sunshine.....perfect for clothes on the line.