Sunday, February 17, 2013

Twig Lights

So, I have been frantically trying to get some finished touches done to my guest bedroom.  I am going for a shabby chic look for this room, something girly.  My mother is coming to stay with us for about a week while her hardwood floors are being refinished and she can't stay in her house during this process.

One of the things in the room that I have not be able to get to is the light over the center of the bed.  I want to find just the right little light and the one that is there is too plain and modern for my taste.
 A few months back I was shopping in a quaint little gardening shop and saw a beautiful chandelier covered with twigs.  That was what I was going to do.  Cover this awful light with twigs.

I have a bush in my yard called Elaeagnus, that gets long shoots which would be perfect to cut and use.  They are a nice brown color.
The shoots can come off as long as 6 feet and are very pliable.  It makes it perfect for all kinds of projects.

I know they look prickly, but they are very soft.  I brought them inside the kitchen to strip the large leaves off, (it was freezing outside).  It made a grand mess as you can see, but the finished result was worth the mess.

I still have a few more twigs to add to completely cover the light, but couldn't wait to share it with you.  Here is what it looks like over the bed.

Here are some other ideas of twigs used over lights that I found on google.  Aren't they neat?
I've seen the twigs painted in all colors and they are a unique way to add interest to an otherwise boring light.  Just use wire to affix them and I recommend using LED lights that do not get hot, or keep the twigs away from the bulb itself.  Happy twigging.  

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