Friday, February 1, 2013

Personal Art

Art for our homes is a very personal thing and so I want to encourage everyone to add your own creations to your homes.  Ours started years ago when my husband painted several things for us because we did not have much money and we wanted some original and beautiful art for our home.  His stepfather was a professional photographer who had retired and given us several beautiful wooden frames with gold overlay.  These photos below are what he painted us 25 years ago and we still have them on our walls.

He is a fantastic artist, but I also wanted to put some art on our walls from our two boys.  My oldest decided to paint me something for Mothers Day several years ago.  One is the moon at night and the other an old swing we have in our back yard.  I matted and framed them and now every time I pass them in the hall they remind me of him and of that day.
My other son took art in high school and while they were working on water colors he drew and painted the old truck and coffee mugI grabbed them when he laid them down after showing them to us because he didn't think they were "good enough" to put on the walls.  They look really nice framed and I loved sneeking them into frames.  lol.  Once he saw them up he let me keep the water colors promising me to do better ones in the future.  Maybe I'll get some more from him soon.
Now it was my turn......I can truely say that I am not an artist, (I can't even draw stick people)  but I did want to give it a try and have all of us represented in our home.  I did something a little different.   I took a thin piece of plywood, some gift wrapping tissue and loosely glued it to the boardThe shape of the tissue dictated what the picture would beI used Elmers glue on the board and layered bunched up tissue on this and let it dry.  I saw birds in flight, so I started to put paint on paper.  It's not as beautiful as some of my other art but it is unusual and I put it in my master bath.  It is a reminder that I can do something if I set my mind to it and almost anything looks nice in a pretty frame.
So, try something. I've put very large and some very tiny things on my walls.  Put two or three together.  It is nice to daily see the things your own family has put their hand to.  It doesn't have to be any particular kind of art, it can be drawings, paper mache or anything you want it to be.  It gives your home its own personal touch and you know no one else has the same thing on their walls.  It's unique.  Share some of your photos, I'd love to see them.