Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kitchen Lamp

Ok, sometimes I admit that I get lucky.  I'm out thrifting,  looking for something specific, and find just what I had been searching for.  I've been looking a while for just the perfect little lamp for my kitchen and voila!, there it is in front of me in my favorite home consignment store.

Aren't the color's just perfect with the painting?

 You can make your own crackle finish on just about anything.  It is easy and pretty inexpensive.  All you need are two colors of acrylic paint,a  couple of foam paint brushes and Elmers glue.

1.  Paint whatever you are working on the first color of paint.  (I prefer a darker color here).  Let dry.
2.  Paint in long strokes the Elmers glue (pretty thick) on top of this.   You can water this down to get a smaller crackle like on my lampshade.  If you like a large crackle, don’t water down at all.
3.  When almost dry, tacky to the touch, paint on your top coat (you can water this paint down as well to get whatever effect you want) and watch the magic.  Let dry.

That’s it.  Pretty easy huh?  Practice on a scrap piece before you begin your project to make sure you have the look you are going for.

Below are a few photos I found on of a crackle finished bed, and a small plaque.  Aren’t they pretty?

I have also painted my own diamonds and bands on several things.  I like to use a metallic paint found at Hobby Lobby.  Tape off where you may want a band and paint this first, let dry completely or when you paint the diamonds it will peel off, then tape your diamonds using painters tape.  That's it.  Simple to turn a plain lampshade into something really cute, or you can be lucky like me and find one already painted.  lol