Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Party

Today is my niece's 11th birthday and I am hosting her party here at my house.  My family usually has each of our birthday parties at my mother's house, but she is having her hardwood floors refinished and I volunteered to have her party here. My niece is Mary Catherine and her favorite color is blue.  
This is my niece, the birthday girl.  Isn't she cute?  She rides horses and these are some awards she won.
I decided that since it's been so cold here I wanted to bring in a little spring by using yellow to brighten up the blue.

I chose butterflies and pinwheels as my theme.  For the tablecloth, I bought a piece of fabric that has a bit of a shine and used 3 yards.  Sometimes is to your advantage to just buy fabric to get exactly what you want. It isn't very expensive if you watch you spend.  Yes, I love polka dots.

I love the reflection of the light on the ceiling.  Even our little statue got in on the action.  lol.  I Hope you enjoyed this tablescape and that I brought Spring in a little early.