Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pretty in Pink

This time of year is so perfect for pretty flowers on the tables, kitchen cabinets and any where else we can think of.  I love to have a pretty, just picked flower inside to lighten up the place.  

Today I wanted something pretty big and dramatic on my dining room table.  The room and table are large enough to hold a big arrangement, and the flowers I wanted to use were Cherry blossoms and Plum tree greenery (well, they're purple, not green). This is the tree I got the blooms off of.

I have a beautiful Pottery Barn vase which is a little too large, so I used a mason jar in the center.  Once filled with water, you cannot see the jar.

I added just a drop of red Kool aid to give the water a blush color. The jar in the middle holds the flowers at a good angle and gives it what structure there is to a flowing, over the top flower arrangement.

Look for pretty things in your yard to bring in.  You can even use just greenery.  Stop on the side of a country road, or anywhere you might see a few lovely flowers to add a little sunshine to your home.  You can even pick up a few at a local florist. 

Have a blessed Saturday and I'll see you Monday.

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