Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cheese Tasting

Well.. what a wonderful time we had this past weekend.  Relatives from Raleigh were in town visiting, and when we have a group of us together for the weekend we like to do something fun and unusual.  This Saturday we decided to host a cheese tasting.  

We've had wine tastings and different kinds of parties in the past, but this was our first cheese tasting.  Well, we love cheese and what a perfect time to taste something new we've not had before.  

I started by choosing four cheeses.  Here's what they were and a short description of what each taste like.

1.  Quadrello di Bufala:  This is a cheese made from buffalo milk that is very aromatic, is soft and very creamy.

2.  Aged Provolone:  This is a firm, white cheese that is robust with a lightly smoked and apple wood flavor.

3.  Harbison by Jasper Hill:  This cheese is a bark-wrapped cheese with woodsy, sweet and herbal flavors.

4.  Gorgonzola Dolce:  This is a very creamy, almost spreadable cheese that is mild with a light piquancy.

We purchased all of these at Whole Foods..they have a great cheese department.

Also with a cheese tasting you want to have a little fruit like Muscat grapes, a sweet pear and a bread to spread the soft cheeses on.  We chose to use Ciabatta.   We served Moet champagne with the cheese.  Who doesn't like bubbly?  Be sure to put all of these things on both ends of the table so everyone can help themselves.
Anytime I can, I try to use things blooming in the yard as the centerpiece.  Our dogwoods are very pretty right now and used this on the table.  The greenery on the buffet is from our birch tree.
I decided  that burlap ribbon would make pretty napkin rings and then I saw these cute floral picks at Hobby Lobby and added them to the bows as well.  I think they are so pretty with the black and cream plates.

The next time you have friends over for a meal, try a cheese tasting.  It's very filling, refreshing and no cooking required.  See you on Wednesday.  Have a beautiful few days.

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