Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday Finds - Frogs

"Frogs," you say?  How can a Friday Find be about frogs?   Well, it's not the kind of frogs you are thinking about.  It's  a different kind of frog. 


These are little things we use in our flower arrangements to hold flowers in the right positions in the vase.   Frogs help us quickly and easily arrange flowers and they're even considered art pieces.   I do a lot of flower arranging and these are crucial to a good arrangement.
  They can be traced back to the 16th century in Europe.  The "frog"  name for a flower stem holder is in the dictionary, but the origin of the word is not given. According to Bonnie Bull in the Flower Frog Gazette, "Best guess: The metal holders sit in water like a frog."  This makes sense to me. 

  You can make your own using chicken wire or other kinds of wire with Mason jars.  If you don't have chicken wire just bunch up thick wire to fit tightly into your vase.

sweet magnolia

decor steals
These are some of the frogs I use.  I'm actually going to start collecting these.  They are not very expensive and are interesting to use in different ways.
Below is someone who displays them artistically on her wall.  And don't these heads look almost like sculpture?
 You can
also use them for photo holders, pencil or paint brush holders, or just display them in a bowl.
 You will be surprised how handy these "frogs" are.  Pick up one or two for yourself and find creative ways to use them.  See you tomorrow.
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