Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Bottles & Irises

One day while exploring through the woods at my mom's house, my husband and I came across a bunch of old jars and bottles buried beneath the leaves. I was sooo excited...what a find.  I picked up as many as I could carry in my arms since  we were pretty far from her house and it was all up hill, but I'm planning on returning to the "gold mine" with something other than my arms to carry bottles.

It took lots of soaking and washing to get them clean, but finally....they were...well, almost clean.  I put them in the window in our pantry/laundry room so I could see and enjoy them when I am doing the laundry.

So, when some of my purple Irises were blooming, I thought they would be pretty in these old bottles sitting on my kitchen counter.  Irises are beautiful, big flowers and these light purple were so pretty.

Sometimes, the simple arrangements are the prettiest.  We get to enjoy each flower apart from the others.

I hope you have a super-fantastic weekend.  I'll be coming home from the beach tomorrow... so a little sad, but excited that I have a lot of new ideas to share.

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