Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hens & Chicks Garden

It all started when I found this really cute candle holder at a thrift store.  So many possibilities, and too neat to pass up, but I didn't need another candle holder.
Well, I brought it home and put it in the closet knowing I would find a use for it in the future and then I came across these little terracotta pots I had bought to use on a tablescape. 

Then a "light bulb" came on.....  I had a large planter in my yard full of Hens and Chicks that needed to be replanted and I could use something on a small wicker table I bought for my front porch.  Maybe these little plants planted in these terracotta pots would make a cute Hens & Chicks garden....and they did.

Here's a picture of the wicker table I bought that was originally gold.  I painted it black to match all my other furniture on the porch.

I had a roll of white stripped burlap ribbon I cut into strips and glued with E6000 around the top of the pots. 

....and here's the garden finished.  I love it and it goes perfectly on my front porch. 

Hens and Chicks are very easy to grow...a little water is all they need and they multiply so you can give them to friends.  See the little babies hanging from the larger ones?  You just snip them off, and put on top of moist potting soil.  That's it.  The slight pink at the base of the leaves is so pretty.

I hope you have a beautiful hump day.

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