Saturday, December 15, 2012

Small Tables

I wanted to finish sharing the last Christmas photos of some odd and end tables in the house. 

It's a little over a week before Christmas and we are all kicking into high gear finishing up readying the house, baking, buying but I do however, hope you will stop and take a moment and just listen for the sound of Christmas.

Christmas, the most wonderful day we celebrate every year.  The birth of our Saviour.  The day we celebrate His decision to step into our world and become one of us, for us.  Listen for Him!  You'll hear!

This is a chest in the foyer.  We are in the process of direct wiring the light above the art so we don't see the cord.  The piece of art if something my husband painted for me on our 10th wedding anniversary.  We've now been married 30 years.  Hope he paints something else for me for the 30th. 
 Our man on the mantle in the family room.  He's trying to get a glimpse of himself in the mirror. lol. Below is the whole room in the evening.  Love the glow of the tree lights.  Remember laying on the floor as a child and looking at the lights on the tree while squinting?

  The two photo's below are on the front porch.  Love lamps and lanterns.  I also love the mix-matched furniture.  Just keep to the same color for consistency.