Friday, December 21, 2012

Girls night

I love to have a night that my mom, sisters and niece get together @ Christmas to just eat a simple meal after busy days of work, shopping and school.   

This year since I used red and teal in my dining room, I chose to use this as my starting point.  I like to give  pre-Christmas gifts to them, just a little something, and chose a zebra print bag from Hobby Lobby to put them in at each place setting. I then printed each person's initials on a piece of cardstock to label their bags.  I am really into initial things this year.

In each of their gift bags I put the hand towel I made for them with each of their initials, ( you can see how I made them in an earlier post) and put with the towel home-made sugar scrub.  This is a simple recipe and it makes your skin feel like silk.  Here's the recipe:

Sugar Scrub  
1.  Equal parts brown and white sugar
2.  Place this in whatever container choose
3.  Cover slightly with olive oil.
4.  Add a drop of vanilla extract or whatever scent you choose.  I chose peppermint.

I have these beautiful espresso cups and saucers from I. Godinger & Co.  The pattern is Regency.  I love these little cups and use them for lots of things.  Tonight I used them for both the shrimp cocktail and the dessert.  Just the right size.

Usually we girls do not eat much dessert so I kept it simple with two home-made sugar cookies sprinkled w/fine sugar, a dollop of melted chocolate and fresh blueberries.  Just right.
I also used these little lanterns with tea lights and a sprig of fresh rosemary on top at each plate.  The metal heats up the rosemary and gives off a beautiful aroma.  Then everyone took their lantern home.  It was a fun night.  Thanks girls.