Friday, December 7, 2012


 I love evergreens, and at Christmas we use them in our homes for decorations.  So, I thought I’d give you a little information as to the symbolic meanings of the different kinds of evergreens and some photos of a few of them at my home.

Evergreens have symbolic meaning attached to them, with yew and cypress the sign of eternal life.

 Bay laurel stands for the triumph of humanity and the fir tree represents patience.

The pine, juniper and holly trees all have legends passed down through time, praising the trees virtue in protecting the Holy Family as they fled Herod's soldiers.
The pine tree, a favorite for decorating at Christmas, is probably the best known. According to legend as the Holy Family fled Herod's soldiers they sought protection in the forest.
The popular tree quaked in fear and drew in its branch's .For this tree was condemned to quiver for all time. The pine tree invited the Holy Family to safety inside of its trunk, grown hollow with age, and covered the opening with its branches. Upon leaving the Christ Child blessed the tree and an imprint of his hand may be seen if a pinecone is cut in half lengthwise.

Juniper is also known as the tree that protected Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. As with the pine tree, the juniper opened up its spiny branches offering shelter to the fleeing family. Inside the tree provided a soft and comfortable bed, but its sharp and impenetrable outside limbs repelled the soldiers.

The holly tree has two legends associated with it. The first is similar to the pine and the juniper, in which the tree welcomes the family inside its branches and protects the trio from Herod's soldiers. For the trees help and kindness it was blessed with shiny leaves throughout the year and beautiful red berries in winter.
The second story involving the holly, tells of the tree growing next to the stable, and quietly watching as the Baby Jesus was born. Silently the tree observed the angels; the shepherds and the wise men coming to the stable, bringing gifts and paying homage to the child. The Holly wished that it too, could give a gift to the New Born King.
Walking by Joseph observed the magnificent tree, with its shiny leaves, and yellow berries, and broke off a branch and took it into the manager. He placed the holly over the manager and in the morning the yellow berries had turned red in tribute to Christ

Fosters Holly

Long-needle pine
Deodar  Cedar