Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen Christmas

One of the things I enjoy the most about the Christmas Holiday, other than the fact that it is the Birthday of Jesus, is all the good smells and fellowships that come out of the kitchen.  Last Christmas there were not too many wonderful smells coming out of my kitchen as we were going through a renovation, but this year it is a different story.  

I love hand embroidered towels.  The one above I thought was so cute.
Don't you just love his hair?  I got this guy at a local floral gift shop and I keep different potted plants in his head all throughout the year. 

This is my red, gold and black tree sitting on my counter top.  Thought I'd try something different and use red and black.  The tree has red and white lights and so pretty at night.  The gold angel is our topper.

Here's the wreath in the kitchen window.  The photo's are a little dark and blurry but you get the picture.  lol

A close up of the reindeer and my chalkboard.

This is one of my table settings.  The small plates in the center have three different designs, a poinsettia, a balsam fir and holly & berries.  Love them.