Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nature calling

There's nothing like being outside in nature, and there is nothing I like better.  I took a walk in my mother's pasture this week and we collected fresh greenery and pinecones for some of our Christmas decorations.

These are the trees we got our pinecones and greenery from. So beautiful. Below are a couple of pictures of how I used this greenery.
This is the center of my deck table.  I used a black cloth, put my laterns on a couple of logs, added lights with greenery, pinecones and flocked greenery.  So pretty from my kitchen window.  I also love black and red together.

This is my small den mantle.  I wanted to keep this room with a nature feel, just greenery and berries.

The two photos above are close-ups of the mantle. The gold around the little trees is metal tinsel I bought years ago at a consignment store and absolutely love it.  You can use it in your Christmas trees, around the base of small trees and so many other ways. 

Father Christmas hanging from one the lamps as a tassel and an arrangement on the front of an antique clock sits on a small table.

Merry Christmas and more photos to come!