Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cake Stands

I saw an idea a few years back to use a cake stand in different ways.  I took the one I had not been using, and put it beside my bathroom sink to hold my perfume, extra hand towels and small guest soaps.  This saves counter space to go up.  I also hang earrings and put my rings on the plates as well.

On the top I put my perfumes and the bottom, extra hand soap and a shell I picked up on the beach in Papua New Guinea.  Below are some examples of how others used their cake stands.

I love the one with seashells.  This would be pretty for a summer table scape.  You can even make a stand of your own by gluing together wooden candle sticks and old cookie tins. I would recommend Liquid Nails, J.B. Weld or Gorilla Glue.  When the glue has dried,  spray paint this whatever color you want.  See the photo below.
Going up with storage items is such a good idea.  I love this for lots of applications, i.e., small toys for children's rooms, storing sewing items, etc.  The ways are numerous.  Give it a try, you'll be hooked.