Sunday, January 20, 2013

Car Emergency Kits

Just this past week, my husband was traveling out of town and got stuck for several hours sitting in his car on the interstate due to ice and snow.  We were not prepared.  Being from the south, it wasn't a consideration to us that this might, I am beginning the process of setting up all four of our cars with an emergency car kit.  Here is the beginnings of ours, (we still have much to add to it) but it's a start.
I researched several sites for emergency car kits and this is the kit I chose.  I may add more to it later and you may need to customize yours based on your family's needs.  Just get prepared.  

Water  -  Food Bars  - Flashlight  -  Rain Poncho
Blanket  - 1st aid kit  - Multi-purpose tool  - Knife
Rope  - Small Shovel -  Road Flare  - Socks
Heat Packs - Xtra Medications - Airpump
Car Phone Charger - Jumper Cables - Cash
Fire Extinguisher - Compass/Atlas  - Gloves
Tire Repair Kit - Empty Gas Can - Towel
Lighter  - Book  - Batteries  -  Dry Clothing - Walking Shoes             

All if this can fit into a backpack, which you can throw on your shoulders if needed and fits nice in the trunk.
My husband has a black backpack, but below is a picture of what my emergency kit is in.  It is something I had I can use until I can buy a backpack.  Hopefully pink.  My two boys also have backpacks.

You may want to a buy first aid kit or car tool kit if you don't want to put them together yourself. 

 Notice the name on the kit?  Haha, it's my last name.  I like that.  Also, make sure you have an extra tire and jack in case of a flat.  You never know when you may have an emergency and we all seem to think one day we'll take the time to be prepared, but don't do like we did and have an emergency before you're ready.  Happy traveling.