Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kitchen Tour

It all started with my beautiful copper kitchen sink.  That's right...the kitchen sink.

I have loved this copper sink.  It catches the light from the window and shines, shines, shines.   This sink has lead me on a year long search for a copper tub to hold my potatoes under my cutting block.  Well guess what?  This past week I found it and it has a beautiful patina already.

Here's a photo of the built-in cutting block it sits below.  This cutting block has been so handy to have.  The mirror above it sits directly across my large window over my sink, so when I'm standing there cutting, it's as though I were looking out the window.

Since I started sharing with you some of my kitchen, and it's been a while since I've first blogged about it, I thought I'd share it with you again.  

I love all the white.  It's so bright and airy.  My window seals are made of the same black granite as the countertops and the large window over the sink is painted black.  I love this European feel.  

I love how the light is coming in through the above photo on the fern and coffee cups.  So warming.  

Above our wine cooler is Mr. Man. I keep fresh flowers in him and he keeps me company when I making supper, although he doesn't have much to say...lol.

The door beside Mr. Man leads to a large pantry/back porchI'll share the porch with you another time. 

Looking the opposite way from Mr. man is the other end of the kitchen which leads to our deck.  I found this large topiary several years ago and it's been sitting where it is now ever since.  I sometimes decorate it for the holidays .

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.
  Hope to see you on Friday for Friday Finds.

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