Monday, June 10, 2013

Picnic in the Pasture

Eating supper at the edge of the pasture is a treat.  Not too far from the house to get the food to the table, but far enough to feel we were on a picnic.

My mom has a beautiful pink Camellia bush growing in the edge of her woods so she let me steal a few of the pretty pink blossoms for our table.  The table is set in the shade near a few rose bushes so we can enjoy the color and scent.

I love using crystal with silver.  I also love collecting this aluminum ware.

Chicken and Dumplings were on the menu with white wine.

The sun was shining bright on the table when I was setting it, not quite in the shade sparkly.

Wishing you a bright sunny week and I hope to see you Wednesday.  

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